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Jodie Smith
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John Foster
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[tmq_teammembers title=»Team Members» grid_columns=»3″ order_item=»date» order_type=»ASC» ][/tmq_teammembers]


This shortcode will generate list of team members. Team members is a custom post type in UltraFlex which this shortcode will read from it.

  • title: Title of the team members block.

  • grid_columns: Number of columns that the team members block is split. This should be a number between 1 to 4. Default number is 3.

  • order_item: none / date (default) / title / rand
    "none" No sorting applies.
    "date" Sort the list by date of inserting member data into the website.
    "title" Sort by member name.
    "rand" Randomly sort the members.

  • order_type: ASC(Default) / DESC 
    "ASC" This will sort the team members ascending.
    "DESC" will sort the team members descending

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